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What makes us apart


One goal only : Search Marketing

We are not seeking to solve all web marketing fronts. We stick to our core competences, SEO, SEA, and Data Science.

By focusing solely on our expertise we have become masters at marketing to, acquiring, and converting your website traffic into clients for you.


Internal R&D to always excel

Applying the scientific method to search engine marketing to uncover insights and exploit data and algorithms to provide profit to our clients.

Our mathematical approach guarantees precise results in terms of design, management, and optimization of our clients' strategies.

Cutting edge

We work day in and day out to innovate our services for our clients. Our internal R&D is designing custom-built algorithms found nowhere else that optimizes your SEO and paid Ads on Google continuously and in real-time. Our clients call us “the agency that never sleeps.”  

Always available

We are here to listen to you first and foremost and provide our expertise and skills to your online marketing campaigns. We are experts in what we do, yes, however you are the specialist in your industry. Our work is more effective when we listen to you.


Nothing pleases us more than involved customers who are interested in what we do. We want to make you aware of Search Marketing, and that starts with transparency about our actions by popularizing our speach. 


Variant Marketing is an agency with a scientific profile. We apply rigorous work methods to all our projects. Doing things by half is not our thing. You pay for 100% involvement.

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A collective merging of webmarketing
and data science.

A team merging digital marketing and data science.


Google Ads Expert


Data Scientist


Google Ads Expert

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Our experience is based on
a multitude of diversified projects.

Our experience is based on a great number of diversified projects.

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